Our Services

Annual Budget Review

For each of the properties in the Owned Property List, we perform an Operating Budget Review of the owner/property manager prepared draft budget.

Asset Management Reporting

Monthly financial package review with preparation of an Asset Management Report. Additional services available upon request.

Corporate Services

EntityKeeper’s Corporate Service platform is a way to manage and handle all your legal entity filings. Our team sets up and manages all of your entity filings, so they are always filed on time. You can rest easy knowing you are always in compliance.

Data Analyst as a Service

Provides visibility and insight to validate owner/operator assumptions by delivering customized analysis of properties and portfolio.

LP Investment Reporting

Preparation of a quarterly report summarizing your LP Investments as listed in the LP Investment List.

Market Analysis

Provides a comparison of operating statements for 5-10 comp properties in the market you provide by giving insights to operating costs, year built, number of units, area demographics, etc.

Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking

Quarterly operating statement comparison with comparable properties in the market giving insight into potential areas of improvement.

Property and Portfolio Optimization Reporting

For each of the properties in the Owned Property List, we perform either a single property optimization report, a portfolio optimization report, or both reports if desired.

Valuation / Cap Rate Reports

Statistical valuation and cap rate of a client property based on statistical comparisons to competitive properties selected from the STATVAL database.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team understands these challenges and we are laser-focused on supporting owners, operators, property managers, asset managers, and institutional investors in multifamily real estate.

We combine decades of expertise in capital markets, technology, data analytics, and data science to deliver customized analysis and intel, so you can move forward with confidence.

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